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Fabio Colletti Barbosa

Fábio C. Barbosa is the former CEO of the Abril Group, one of Latin America’s largest and most influential communications and media enterprises. He previously served as President of the Board of Directors of Banco Santander Brasil, as well as President of the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN). He was the first President of a foreign bank to preside over FEBRABAN.

Prior to his role as President of the Board of Directors of Banco Santander Brasil, Mr. Barbosa served as President of the bank for three years. Throughout his distinguished career, he has also served as President of ABN Amro in Brazil and Banco Real, and he played a key role in managing Santander Brasil’s acquisition of Banco Real in 2007, including the integration of 50,000 Banco Real employees into the Santander system.

Mr. Barbosa also worked at Citibank in Brazil for seven years in the areas of planning and control, treasury, and corporate finance and capital markets. He began his career at Nestlé, where he worked for 10 years in finance and control in Brazil, the United States, and Switzerland.

As president of Banco Real, Mr. Barbosa introduced a transformative sustainability initiative that included social and environmental risk analysis, ethical investment funding, microcredit operations, and a diversity program, all of which led the firm to be chosen by the Financial Times as Sustainable Bank of the Year in 2007. Under Mr. Barbosa’s leadership, Banco Real also received wide recognition from national and international institutions including the UN, the International Chamber of Commerce, and The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum.

Mr. Barbosa continues to be recognized for his ground-breaking efforts to integrate philanthropic and sustainable practices into business models. In 2010 he was named Leader of Social Change by the Foundation for Social Change in partnership with the UN, and he was recognized as 2011 Person of the Year by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Barbosa serves on the President of Brazil’s National Council for Economic and Social Development, and he is a Board member of Petrobras, the Ethos Institute (Brazil’s leading institute for corporate social responsibility), and the Endeavor Enterprise Institute (an NGO that fosters entrepreneurship in Brazil).

Mr. Barbosa is 56 years old and married with three children.

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